Hope's Story

Singing since she was nine, Hope VanDouser is nearing the two decade mark of music being her heart’s calling and joy. Hope’s musical and performance roots go deep into her family and their history. She fondly remembers her mother describing her singing even as a young little girl as powerful and big. Family support would be prophetic in her future. 
  While her her family was not all that into popular music, she did grow up hearing Gospel music and the old hymns. Early on someone suggested to the family that their daughter could certainly sing and do so with a presence that was way beyond her years or training. At fourteen Hope entered the Orpheum Memphis Start Search contest and from there her love and her talents began to see some daylight. It was clear. She was on the right path. 

As doors opened up Hope took every opportunity to sing while in junior high and high school singing in the school choirs. Early on in her vocal lessons she also began to display an understanding of performance and presence on stage. She reminisces saying, “I knew I wanted to sing when I got my first cassette tape at age nine. It was the album Live For You by Racheal Lampa. From there, church members who saw the potential paid for me to have private music lessons.“ 

At 16 Hope heard Whitney Houston. She recollects that moment when she remarks, “I cried the first time I heard her. I was home schooled till 7th grade. I was sheltered in life. When I went to public school I heard Mariah Carey. They would look at me like you don’t know who they are. If they were not Christian artists we were not allowed to listen to them at home.“ But is was the church revealed the fire within Hope to sing. “As soon as my pastors saw that the gift, they gave me a place and platform to do it. It was the beginning of what I am doing now.” 
  As is the case with many talented artists, the more Hope ministered in her church the more they affirmed her gifts and calling. She remarks how often someone will tell her after a concert or worship time that her gifts drew them into a “God” moment. She remarks, “After years of development and discovering myself, I knew God had called me to be a worship leader, and from there I pursued making and singing worship music. “ 
  Currently Hope is working on her first single for Madison Line Records. She is a student at Visible Music College, studying music and worship leadership. She is also a worship leader at her home church, Lighthouse Church. 
  Moving forward in the advancement of the vision Hope dreams aloud when she says, “I want to bridge the gap between Gospel and CCM music, incorporating different cultures and races in my music. My strategy is purely on faith in action. As the Father opens doors and directs me, I move. I would love to incorporate my worship platform with ministry as well using the music to reach out to the inner city or wherever the Lord takes me.“ 
In addition to active Hope’s musical calling, she works along side her husband Timothy who is Executive Pastor at the Lighthouse Church in Millington Tennessee just outside of Memphis. They are proud parents to Kylan (7 years old) and Israel (1 year old).


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